Improving Lives Through Duct Cleaning

9/30/2016 | Michael Vinick, President of Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, Inc  

I read business articles all the time. One recently suggested refreshing what your company is doing to create energy and purpose. With that in mind, I began looking at the inner workings of our business. What stuck out to me "like a sore thumb" is that our company's mission statement "promote growth through teamwork by performing outstanding value oriented services for our customers by thinking clean, acting clean, and being clean" was old.  

It was terrific 15 years ago when we came up with it but I am not so sure that it fit into today's business world. The old mission statement was very wordy. The new mission statement needed to be concise and to the point. I really wanted every one of our employees to buy in that our mission statement is the purpose of our company.

I engaged many of our employees and asked for ideas for a mission statement. What came out of the collaboration was a terrific mission statement that embraces exactly why we come to work every day. I am happy to share with you our new mission statement that our team will strive to achieve every day: "Improving Lives Through Duct Cleaning".

Comments from our team were that we do improve lives. We improve the air we breathe. We help reduce the carbon footprint through energy savings work. We maintain indoor environments.  Our team says thank you and we look forward to fulfilling our mission while serving our customers.



Improving Lives

Through Duct Cleaning





Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, Inc. will demonstrate our unparalleled commitment to providing superior customer service to every customer. In each of the markets that we work, we will deliver services of greater value per dollar than any other duct cleaning service provider!


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