Drain Pan Reconditioning

Drain Pan Reconditioning Duct--Vent---Before-During-After.png

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Why spend additional dollars to replace a pan when you can refinish it for a fraction of the cost with less down time? Do not just concentrate on your old pans, refinish your new pans to give them extended life and protection.

  • Stop leaks
  • Automatic pan leveling
  • Not affected by coil cleaners
  • Ensures long life to new pans
  • Strengthens your pan

Over time drain pans become corroded, develop irregular surfaces and rot. You can avoid expensive replacement and extend the life of the pan dramatically. In fact the surface becomes better than a factory installed pan. The products that we use form a durable level pan, eliminating low spots that inhibit drainage. It automatically fills the pits and irregular surface characteristics, providing a smooth, enamel finish. The enamel is impervious to the harsh coil cleaning chemicals that rot out bare metal.

Company President, Michael Vinick, explains the Drain Pan Reconditioning process below: