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Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, Inc is a qualified coil cleaning service provider. HVAC systems perform poorly with clogged AC cooling coils. Coil cleaning will ensure efficient air flow through the Air Handing Unit which helps for optimal system efficiency.

Cooling coils trap dust, soil, grime, and other troublesome deposits that reduce the heat transfer efficiency of HVAC units. This buildup interferes with proper system operations. It also could be a source of microbial contamination.

If the coils are dirty, the airflow becomes blocked which requires the Air Handling Unit blower to draw more energy as it tries to move air through the clogged coil. This will also create additional strain on the condensing unit. This additional strain will result in the loss of efficient cooling throughout the occupied space and lessen the life of the system components.

There may be several reasons for a blocked coil.  If the filter is dirty and restricts airflow, the coil may freeze over blocking the coil. Although filters are designed to catch the majority of debris that moves through the system, they do not stop all of it.  As a result coils get "loaded" with debris (dirt) that penetrates the coil.  Although a coil may look clean on the surface, the majority of the debris is clogged within the coil.  What most people see is dirt accumulation on the fins that are designed to protect the coil.  The coil which we usually do not see is located inside behind the fins.

A blocked coil will have various results.  

  • The building occupants will be uncomfortable.  
  • A moisture problem that can result in microbial (mold) growth can occur.  
  • The condensate drain which is designed to let the moisture / water escape from the coil, can become clogged, causing standing water.  
  • The standing water can result in microbial grown and ultimately allow for the microbial growth to be distributed through the air duct system.
  • You will also use more energy.

Cleaning your coils removes dirt and other troublesome deposits that accumulate on cooling coils. This buildup causes reduced system efficiency as it interferes with the heat transfer process of HVAC units. Removal of built-up dirt and grime from cooling coils improves system efficiency, reduces electricity consumption, and increases system life. It also preserves the factory finish to minimize the possibility of water carry-over that can lead to microbial contamination in ductwork.  

It is important to regularly change the air handling units filters and ensure that they are installed properly.  It is also very important to have your AC coils cleaned as part of your regular maintenance.  It is said that "a sandwich wrapping thickness on you AC coils can result in up to a 20% loss in energy efficiency".  This translates into substantial savings on an energy bill.  

Duct Vent Coil Cleaning

Duct Vent Coil Cleaning

As part of your Indoor Air Quality and Building Preventive Maintenance Program, you should have coils cleaned on a regular interval. To maintain HVAC systems at top-peak performance and to eliminate the source of microbial contamination, coils should be cleaned at least every 6-12 months.

Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, Inc has NADCA certified ASCS and VMT field staff who are trained to clean a coil the proper way.  Improper cleaning by unqualified service providers can make the problem even worse. Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, Inc is committed to providing all of our customers with the most up to date services available to ensure comfort in businesses and homes.

Coil Cleaning lets A/C and Heating Systems maintain maximum efficiency through design air exchange.  By cleaning the coil, the objective of the process is to return the coil to maximum efficiency or as close to the manufacture's designed pressure drop readings.  Clean coils operating at maximum efficiency will reduce energy consumption by vast amounts.  In some documented cases, cleaning clogged coils has been measured to save upwards of 20% energy consumption.  In fact a sandwich wrapping thickness of debris on a coil can increase energy consumption over 20%.  Clean coils also reduce the incidence of unwanted water leaks causes by blocked condensate drains.  Clean coils also eliminates the noxious odors caused by debris and mold build-up on the coil.

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