Occupant Behavior and Contaminants

5/2/2018 |

Occupant Behavior and Contaminants

U of T Engineering's Sandford Fleming Building acquired two new identical modular rooftop labs which will be home to research conducted by Professor Marianne Touchie. The research will show how buildings consume and distribute energy and control indoor environments.
The project was proposed as part of the Strategic Investment Fund initiative. The lab was designed with a wide range of functionality to serve current and future building science research needs. By using identical suites, one suite can be used as a controlled environment while the other suite can be used to test variables related to heat, moisture, air movement and indoor air quality. The facility is equipped with a range of independent HVAC systems which will allow research to be conducted on innovative control strategies to promote better thermal comfort and IAQ.
This research will allow the team to test new ideas related to envelope design, HVAC control, and occupant behavior.

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