The Waypointe 1 Holding UT LLC; Norwalk, CT

Project TypeAir Duct Cleaning
LocationNorwalk, CT
Duct & Vent Cleaning was hired by the owners of these apartment complex’s with a two week time frame to complete the work in order to facilitate the sale of the property. A condition of the sale was to have all of the dryer vents cleaned prior to the sale “closing”. To accomplish his work, we rotary brushed & contact HEPA vacuumed the dryer exhaust ducts servicing 464 apartments located at 516 West Avenue & 11 Merwin Street and 198 apartments located at 500 West Avenue & 30 Orchard Street, Norwalk, CT Totaling 662 dryer vents. We accessed the dryer vents from both the inside and outside where safely accessible by scissor lifts. Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, Inc will facilitate this project with over 20 experienced duct cleaners on site during the duration of the work.
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