Seabury – Bloomfield, CT

Project TypeAir Duct Cleaning
LocationBloomfield, CT
Dryer fires are a real concern, so Seabury hired Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, Inc. to Brush & HEPA vacuum the following dryer exhaust duct systems from the inside and outside. Not only will the facility be less likely to have a dryer fire, it will also save energy as the dryers will be able to exhaust properly. 1. West Wing Laundry Rooms – 3 dryers in each of 5 laundry rooms. 2. Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Wings – 2 dryers in each of 3 laundry rooms. 3. Residential In-Building Units – 224 total apartments each with 1 dryer. 4. Cottages/Villas – 39 total units each with 1 dryer.
Seabury – Bloomfield, CT Seabury-Bloomfield-CT.jpg