New Testimonial

So maybe you are wondering: Do I need my ducts cleaned? Or, who can I call to get this done? Well, first of all, know this: if you don't get your dryer vent cleaned, you are at risk of a house fire! And if you don't get your A/C ducts cleaned, you are running your system inefficiently and, worse, you may be spreading pollen or other contaminants through your house. With that background, consider Duct & Vent Cleaning of America. These guys are thorough, responsible, careful and polite. They'll walk you through the job, they'll create a thorough and accurate quote, and then, when awarded the business, they'll work to get things cleaned and sanitized. It's hard work...climbing ladders, unscrewing vents, working in your attic...but they work all day until the job is done. I watched them during the time they were here, and they were careful and diligent. They were clean, the put down drop cloths, they cleaned things up. They were mindful of the life going on in my house while they were doing their work. I can tell you this: You need your ducts cleaned AND when you do, you can trust these guys in all regards: price, timeliness, communication, diligence. They are great.