New Testimonial

May 10, 2017

I would like to start by saying, last week I had a serious condition with the 4th floor units and air system's, I spoke with you on Wednesday May 4th, you came immediately down to the building to meet with me. We looked at the equipment and area's involved, you made some calls to schedule and was able to set it up within a matter of 2 days. Everything we discussed was true to your words and you stood on them. On Sunday May 6th our scheduled day, the city of New York had held their annual 5 Borough Bike Tour, your crew of men made it through the obstacle of downtown Manhattan detours and street closures due to the bike tour and were on time and ready to go! I have to also mention from the moment I spoke with your crew of the sensitive situation, they understood and were very cooperative in targeting the problem.

You have an amazing foreman Evan who is dedicated, hard worker who takes the liberty at heart, for he and your company, I would personally like to thank you and your team Evan, Ken, Lloyd & Atiba, they did an extraordinary job, as well as took much into consideration towards the full nature of the situation.

I had explained in detail to you, the occurrences we were having when I put the air condition chiller on, with the fan systems on the 4th floor, I am happy to say, after the work involved on Sunday was performed by your crew & company and performing a run test of the chiller and fan systems on that, there was a complete difference in the performance of the HVAC system, the condition that was existing was gone, since Sunday I have performed 3 other test with the chiller on with the 4th floor fan systems and the results wonderful. It was brought to my attention from the employee staff and managers on the 4th floor, that they noticed a tremendous difference in the air systems on the 4th floor and feel very much more comfortable in their workplace, they asked me to thank you and all involved with the performance over the weekend.

As an operating engineer of over 29 years, its great to know that there are people and companies like Duct & Vent Cleaning of America, that rise to the occasions with such short notice, and turn it around to a positive professional atmosphere for all. I will be informing friends, coworkers of the engineering industry of your excellence, professional, and committed service and will be recommending your company service to all.

I look forward to doing continuous business with you and the company.